All components are highly resistant to the effects of harsh environments:
  • Aluminum rollers in the roller box assembly ride on stainless steel shafts.
  • All mounting hardware is stainless steel.
  • Aluminum components are made from type 6061 -T6, a highly corrosion resistant material.
  • The boom rollers are partially enclosed to prevent ice buildup and allow free travel in severe weather.
Retractable Boom

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Retractable Booms

Retractable Boom The TS-Series Retractable Boom is one of the most versatile retractable booms in the industry. Designed for trouble-free operation, the TS-Series Retractable Boom provides safe and easy access to your meteorological instrumentation. The TS-Series Retractable Boom allows your technician to bring the instruments back to the tower so they can reach them without having to climb out on the boom.

The TS-Series Retractable Boom can be configured to accept multiple instruments. We also work with your meteorological equipment suppliers to insure our boom will accommodate a variety of different installation specifications unique to each met equipment manufacturer.

Typically installed on an 18” face tower, the TS-Series Retractable Boom can be adapted to fit most any tower structure. The boom and roller box assembly are made from high-grade aluminum with stainless steel hardware. Rigid 2” square booms coupled with our unique roller box assembly provide a highly stable platform. Four aluminum rollers provide smooth and secure travel along the boom. The boom can be quickly removed from the roller box assembly by simply removing one bolt.

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For many years, our TS-Series Retractable Booms have been installed at numerous power generation facilities and military installations throughout the country. The TS-Series Retractable Boom is now becoming increasingly popular in the wind energy industry on small guyed and self-supporting towers, as hub heights have far outreached the capability of the typical tip-up tower.

Today our TS-Series Retractable Booms are being used on wind farms throughout the United States.

Standard boom lengths are 6’, 8’, 10’ and 12’. Longer custom lengths are available upon request.