Fast and easy lift carriage removal:

Two clamps on the back of each carriage assembly attach the carriages securely to the drive cable and allow fast and easy removal of the carriages from the tower elevator system with a ½” wrench. The carriages are easily positioned on the drive cable so that the instrumentation always returns to the correct vertical position on the tower.

Up to four carriages per elevator:

Standard boom lengths of 6’ and 8’ and a wide variety of platforms are available to meet your specific requirements.

Twelve rollers provide safe, secure travel:

The tower elevator carriages ride the rails at four points, top and bottom, on both sides. Three rollers at 120° around the rail circumference reduce friction and provide smooth vertical travel with a minimum of horizontal motion.

Rugged materials and cable:

Aluminum and stainless steel are used throughout the tower elevator systems to give a long, low maintenance lifespan. Our unique stainless steel double drum winch provides the necessary “grip” for complete control and safety of our endless loop stainless steel cable.

Smooth travel in severe weather:

The rollers on all three elevator systems are partially enclosed to prevent ice build-up and allow free travel in severe weather. The model TS-2000 offers an optional de-icer kit that provides six ice chippers mounted around both rails at the top and bottom of each carriage, to remove excess ice during travel. The model TS-2500 offers an additional electric heater to melt ice from the electrical connector assembly for each elevator carriage.

Guide rails:

Two parallel tubular rails provide a track that ensures high stability no matter where the carriage is located on the tower. Other methods, such as flexible steel cables that are stretched between the top and bottom, often make it impractical to raise or lower the elevator during high winds. Our rails allow you to lower the carriage in inclement weather when service or inspection is often required.

TSI Products

Elevator Systems

HOE-25 Elevator System

The HOE-25 Elevator System offers all the strength and easy travel of the power driven tower elevators, but lowers your elevator investment. It is ideally suited for towers less than 30 meters with a light instrumentation load.

TS-2000 Elevator System

TS-2000 Elevator System

TS-2000 Tower Elevator System can be designed for as many instrument levels as required and mounts virtually on any tower made by any manufacturer. A stainless steel messenger cable is attached to your signal cables. This cable becomes tensioned when the instruments reach the proper level. Our exclusive technique ensures correct carriage position under all conditions and keeps instrument cables secure and free from wind damage.

This tower elevator system facilitates safe and effective maintenance, allowing quick and easy access to your instrumentation under any conditions in any climate. Sensitive instrument packages can be lowered in severe weather and high wind conditions for maintenance, saving you time and money.

TS-2500 Elevator System

The TS-2500 Tower Elevator System is our most versatile power-driven system. Designed for trouble-free operation, the TS-2500 allows the same reliable and easy access as the TS-2000 system while lowering your sensitive meteorological instruments to the ground for safe and effective maintenance.

TS-2500 Elevator SystemThe TS-2500 utilizes automatic electrical connector assemblies for a maximum of four instrument levels on towers up to 150 meters in height.

The female end of the connector assembly is firmly mounted to the tower at the desired height. It is inverted and recessed ensuring protection from the weather. The male end of the connector assembly is mounted in a spring-loaded housing attached to the carriage for your instruments. The MIL-SPEC connectors are gold-plated silver ensuring positive, trouble-free electrical connection every time.

  • Electronically operated limit switches at each instrument level stops the elevator automatically at the designated height.
  • Data from the instruments travels via multi-pair signal cables to a heated NEMA enclosure at the tower base.
  • 12 or 19 pair cables with individually shielded pairs are totally enclosed in conduit for complete environmental protection.
  • Identical multi-pair test cables are provided for calibrating and testing your instruments while they are at ground level.