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TSI Products

Products for Sale

We have excess stock in new and used towers, tower accessories, and tower installation equipment to include but not limited to:

  • Used towers, guy and self supporting
  • Guy strand, various sizes and lengths
  • Coax, various sizes and lengths
  • Connectors, various types and sizes
  • Jumpers, various sizes and lengths
  • Lighting systems, new and used obstruction and strobe, sidelights and beacon bulbs, and lightning rods
  • Ice bridge, to include pipe, trapeze, and hangers
  • Various sizes in snap-in and butterfly hangers, round and angle member adapters, waveguide bridge and accessories, and hoisting grips
  • Preforms, shackles, thimbles and turnbuckles
  • Stainless banding, color code tape, and weatherproofing
  • Ground buss bars kits and accessories, copper wire and ground rods
  • Miscellaneous stainless steel and galvanized bolts, nuts, locks, and washers
  • Winches, used and not man rated
  • 1985 Ford F8000 boom truck, 150.2 R.O. crane
  • 1988 International 2-ton crew cab

Our stock is always fluctuating, please call for availability and pricing.