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Meteorological Applications

Our innovative design allows efficient cost-effective solutions for access to meteorological instruments at the ground level. We offer three models to meet your requirements. Model TS-HOE (Hand Operated Elevator) is a manually driven system for towers under 30 meters. Model TS-2000 is a versatile power-driven elevator system. The TS-2500 is an upgrade from the TS-2000 that includes tower-mounted connectors, junction boxes and cabling in conduit to protect from nature’s elements.

The TS-Series Retractable Boom is the most versatile retractable boom in the industry. Designed for trouble-free operation, this boom provides safe and easy access to your meteorological instrumentation; allowing your technician to bring the instruments back to the tower without having to climb out on the boom.

All of these systems facilitate safe and effective maintenance, allowing fast and effortless access to your instrumentation under any conditions in any climate.

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